DRIVESAVER® Vibration-Reducing Couplers
Absorbs vibration, reduces noise. Saves your powertrain.

DRIVESAVER® provides a flexible, non-metallic barrier between your transmission and propeller shaft. This barrier reduces drivetrain vibration, resulting in reduced noise and more efficient operation.
Absorbs Shock
DRIVESAVER® effectively absorbs thrust and torque from the propeller shaft, as well as excessive shock from changing gears and high speed planing. It also helps control damage and misalignment from torsional engine movement. 
Prevents Electrolysis
DRIVESAVER® provides an impervious barrier that blocks electrical currents from the water to protect your engine and transmission from damaging electrolytic corrosion.
Acts Like a "Circuit Breaker" 
DRIVESAVER® absorbs extreme shock and torque usually caused by a hidden log, line, or rock. DRIVESAVER® is designed to break apart, leaving your transmission and engine intact. That's right. DRIVESAVER® gets destroyed, not your costly transmission and engine. That's the kind of total protection you can't afford to be without!
Installs Easily 
DRIVESAVER® installs simply and quickly,  No cutting or machining is required. And, you don't have to haul your boat out of the water.  just separate the drive flanges, insert the coupling, align DRIVESAVER® and bolt together.
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Each DRIVESAVER® is handmade in the USA by experienced craftsmen using specialized Brandonite® elastomers. All metal components and hardware are plated for corrosion resistance and long-life. 
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