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Globe Composite Solutions, Ltd. was formed in late 2001 to develop various military, medical, RFID and material handling technologies. In August 2004, the company acquired the assets of Globe Rubber Works,Inc., a company founded in 1890, to expand its manufacturing and material formulation capabilities. Now, Globe is a full-service, leading-edge developer of specialty non-metallic materials for commercial, medical, material handling, industrial and military applications.

Globe's credentials are unique among non-metallic innovators and processors. The company has built a solid foundation of technological capability infused with an intense focus on problem-solving. As a result, Globe has built an impressive clientele list.

Globe possesses a broad set of manufacturing and development capabilities such as a flexible tooling shop to allow rapid prototyping and diverse production options, complemented by an unequaled depth of expertise in compounding and fabrication. It has a long-standing affiliation with established raw material suppliers and serves a base of loyal customers from a variety of industries.

Globe's in-house engineering services allow the company to fulfill its objective of providing turnkey design, including development and production services in Stoughton, MA and East Bridgewater, MA.

At Globe, we make every effort to deliver what we promise. We want every customer to be completely satisfied and know that we are reliable, innovative, honest and hard-working.

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